there is something very interesting about staying at a company until the main task is complete.  most people will say you should leave if you are not happy or the pay is too low or the people are not that great.  but what if you looked past all of that and you just stayed.  and if by staying you helped get the company to the finish line…eventually.  you helped the company finish the job because you stayed.  by staying somewhere and not giving up – you succeeded – and that is very interesting.  it is the old concept of if you just stay and keep showing up and keep working – then you will ultimately succeed – and build a strong resolve in the process.  isn’t that what life is all about – not giving up on something because you are not always happy.  if we can all do this a bit more, we can get to our goals.  at the end of the day, you won’t remember the pain or the heartache you suffered over the years – you will only remember that you stayed and you won in the end – and this helps you satisfy yourself and this helps you reflect in a positive way and this helps you go easier into the final phase of your life.  think about the concept of just staying where you are and never giving up until they close the doors or you reach your goal.