destiny & instinct

we are all on a path of destiny – there is no doubt about that.  we will be guided along this path as we go through life.  one thing that will help influence this process is your instinct.  as you walk down your path of destiny, your instinct or gut will give you pointers along the way.  some will never heed these pointers and their path of destiny could be a bumpy road.  but if you do learn to listen to your instinct, your path of destiny can be a better process.  your path of destiny will bring you close to failure or death many times through life – and it is your instinct that keeps you just out of reach of extreme failure or death – if you take heed and listen to your instinct.  there are times where your instinct will give you hints on the same subject over and over – to get your attention to make the right choice – to make your path of destiny easier.  look for repeated signals – and if you see them, then you know that this is the right choice to make in an opportunity that is presented.  yes, we are all essentially walking blind on our path – and the way ahead will never be in clear focus.  but if you trust that you are on a path of destiny and you start to listen to your instinct a little more, then your daily worry can start to fade.  once you reach this understanding about what you are doing in life and why you are doing these things – because you are on a path of destiny and your instinct is there to guide you on this path – then life becomes more enjoyable and your path of destiny becomes more obvious.