society bullshit

it is a crazy thing that can make you crazy if you are crazy enough to allow the craziness to get in –know what i mean? obviously i am crazy enough –only because i become more crazy as life has gone on –is it being jaded more and more or is it a breakdown of the mind by the ongoing bullshit that society continues to put upon us. it is not society’s fault–it is the fault of the people who live in the society –since the beginning of society before there was civilization 10,000 years ago. it is in our dna to think and as we progress, we think more –and this thinking more pushes us to look at the micro and macro societies around us –in the house, on the street, in the town, in the state, in the country–etc (though not much more to etc). to avoid this BS, we need to pull back a bit and look at what really matters –i know it is hard to do and one can never really pull all the way back– but it is the only way to keep the craziness out –comprende? or was this just a bunch of BS too? haha –see you next time –if there is anyone really there