don’t fear the future

know that you can handle whatever the future has in store for you.  know that you have had down times in your life before and that you have recovered from them.  know that because of this, you will be able to handle problems in the future.  know that because you have pushed through uncertainty in the past –that this will help you push through uncertainty in the future.  and because of all of this, you do not have to fear the future.  you do not have to waste the present worrying about the future–because you will push through.  this should allow you to enjoy the moment more and feel good about what you are doing today –and feel good about where you are in your life at the moment.  it is a good moment because you don’t have to worry, you just have to live.  your mind will always push you to fear –but you must fight against it and move towards the positive.  an easy way to do this, is to look around and see what good you have in your life –and be grateful.  remember, you handled the past and you can handle the future the same way.  embrace the future and embrace change.