go for it

sometimes in life, you have to just go for it.  sometimes in life, you have to take a less calculated risk and go for it.  you need to grab every opportunity and make big bets to get ahead.  you need to go for it to challenge yourself.  if you are not going for it, you are not challenging yourself enough.  you need to think about the big picture and how our time is always running to the end.  you need to think that this is it – 1 life and in this life you need to go for it.  if you do not go for it, then you are satisfied with the life you have and have decided that there is no need to go for more challenges.  that is fine.  most of the world just wants to be healthy and happy.  but if you want to go after more challenges and go after every opportunity to live a fuller life –then you must go for it.  you must not think about the consequences of failing when you go for it — you can always pick yourself back up and go for it again.  you want to have stories when you get to the end.  you want to say that you went for it at every turn – that you lived life to the fullest.  you want to say that you are so damn tired from going for it, that you are ready to say good-bye when the time comes.  you want to say “damn right i went for it and there is not much more to say or do – i’m done!”