content with patience

there is something that only comes with age – and that is wisdom.  we all know this fact.  but do we really know what it means.  we think it means that we know more – which we certainly do know more.  but do we use this wisdom to our benefit or to help steer our lives.  unconsciously we do use wisdom to steer our lives.  we stop doing things that are not smart to do.  we start doing things that are smart to do.  but to use wisdom in a conscious way is truly revolutionary and is a secret key to a better life.  i found this  concept ring true when I realized that I was suddenly in a waiting period of my life.  i realized that all that talk about patience being a virtue was now coming to life for me.  i wanted the next phase of my life to begin, but nothing was happening.  i then realized that waiting and being patient is a big part of life.  i realized that jumping too soon at something is not the right way to go.  i realized that being patient was all part of the process of moving to your next phase in life.  you need to be patient and you need to be content with patience – waiting for precisely the right moment to leave the “patience stage” and enter the next challenging phase of your life.  when you realize that patience actually helps you along in life and helps you determine the right time to jump –then you have an edge on life –and then you have true wisdom.