go the distance

if you have decided that you will do whatever it takes to be successful – then you must stick to that plan and go the distance.  you must put yourself into uncomfortable situations – you must come out of your shell – you must open your mouth and start speaking – you must not think about being afraid to say what you need to say to get others to listen – you must not be quiet and shy – you must speak up and be heard – you must look into the mirror and know that you will just walk into that meeting and command attention – and when you do –  you must be calm and clear and concise in your words and actions.  but of all things you must do – it is the all encompassing idea of going the distance that you must maintain and even try to embrace.  this is all that you can ask of yourself when all is said and done – you did what you needed to do so that you could live with yourself – regardless of the final result.  this is why you are here on this earth – to go the distance.  otherwise, what is the point to all of this thing we call life.