friends change and don’t change

we all change over time. we are the same person but we do change. friends change too. you have friends that you think will last forever but some don’t. in fact, most don’t go all the way. every day we all go through different experiences and we react to those experiences in different ways. we can’t always be the same person anymore – these experiences change us. they move us towards new people and away from longtime friends and even relatives. the effects of society on the individual is ongoing and everchanging. we try to maintain who we are or who we once were – but is a continuous conscious process to try and do that – and inevitably we form new ideas and opinions based on these new experiences that shape our mindset. what didn’t offend you 20 years ago now seems like an obvious problem or mistake. we are quicker to judge because we feel that time is running out.

we can’t dwell on things that don’t work anymore – like old friendships or past friendships. we have to keep moving forward for the sake of self preservation because that is all we have in the end – keeping the self preserved as long as possible or as long as we want. some friends fade away or an abrupt end occurs because of these changes going on. what can we do? try and keep the friendship going? yes, we can try. but in the end, the friend or relative is also going through change and they will decide to focus on moving forward as well.

we also have friends that keep in sync with you and the relationship never changes – these are the friends that you keep until the end.

you can’t think too deeply on why some friends stay and some friends go. the ones that stay with you know who you are and love who you are – and you know who they are and love who they are – conflict never arises once you reach a certain age – you just go together.

but others don’t change with you – they get jealous of you – they want to keep testing you to get a reaction or want to keep inserting challenges into the relationship to try and affect you in a negative way. for these situations, you must smile and move on.

self preservation is priority number one – we can’t dwell too long on things that aren’t working

it can be sad but what other choice do we have – we must move forward not backward