right now

everything is good right now.  can you feel it?  right now at this very moment while i type this and you read this, everything is good.  all the people you know right now are alive and safe.  they know you love them and you know they know you love them.  you are aware of who you are, you have your senses, you have your family, you have your friends – right now you have all of that.  no matter how much money you have or don’t have, no matter that all of your dreams have not been realized, no matter that you have lost loved ones, no matter that you have lost friends, no matter that you have not achieved all your work goals, no matter that you are not doing exactly what you want to do – you have right now, right this minute where everything is ok.  in the next minute you could get a phone call and things could change from right now.  so enjoy what you have right now – this could be as good as it gets and is it really that bad.  right now is ok.  if you are reading this, you are ok – you can read, you can think, you can relate to everything being ok right now.  tomorrow, people you love could pass on – but right now they are still with us – enjoy them and enjoy right now – whether you are doing tedious work or lying on a beach – right now is ok.  that is a good feeling.