don’t say 90%

don’t say 90% of what you are thinking.  thoughts come into your mind every second.  do this, do that, say this, say that.  you think so much that you have to learn not to blurt out your thoughts while you are eating – don’t talk with your mouth full.  you want to say something as soon as it comes into our mind so that you don’t forget what you just thought.  you even pause the tv to say something – knowing that it will be gone if you continue to watch.  you want to get your point across.  you want to talk all the time.  and most of us do talk all the time.  but at some point, you have to stop talking all the time.  as you get older, you just get tired of talking all the time.  this helps you stop talking all the time – getting older.  in fact, you must try to not say 90% of what you are thinking.  most of what you are thinking can be a negative against other people.  you do think positive thoughts as well, but we all think negative thoughts almost as much.  it is because you are used to a certain way, a certain person, a certain look, a certain everything.  so when you see something outside of your norm – you automatically go to the negative – why do they look like that, why do they talk like that, who do they think they are, etc.  it could even be when interacting with a loved one – you want to voice your opinion, but sometimes it can be a cruel opinion.  so stop before you speak and screen out 90% of what you about to say to someone.  this is evolving, this is growing wiser, this is how you stay ahead in life.  you might even listen more and you might show real interest in what other people have to say.