enjoy status quo

we all want more – it is human nature.  we continue to look to the future to solve our current problems.  we think things will be better in the future.  we fear change, but deep down we want change – we want change for the better.  we know change always comes but we fight against it because we get comfortable in the current routine – the current status quo.  but even though we fight change – we don’t actually embrace the status quo.  we don’t often appreciate what we have right now.  this is a big mistake.  right now in your life many things are going well.  these are things you take for granted and don’t appreciate.  these are things you will only appreciate when they are gone.  right now people you love are still alive.  right now your family is doing ok.  right now no one you love is in the hospital.  right now you have friends that care for you.  right now you are healthy.  right now you are able to pay your bills.  right now you can walk down the street and look at the birds in the trees.  right now your status quo is good.  yes, you have struggles and you look to the future to erase those struggles.  but as you look ahead, don’t ignore what you have in the current status quo.  enjoy the current status quo because it might be better than the future status quo.