time and human relationships

this is nothing new to the older generations but like everything – this is quite new to generations growing older.

which is – as we grow older, we start to care less about what others think or say – because we realize that our time on earth is running short and we can’t afford to waste anymore time

this then pushes us to react to people in a different way – a less tolerant way. we have always taken the tolerant path first -put with what we perceived to be people’s BS

but now as we grow older and start to care less and less – we shorten bad interactions and, in fact, end relationships altogether instead of staying nice and tolerant.

this leads to a list developing – of people that perhaps were once friends or acquaintances and now you have cut off

don’t be alarmed – this is normal – it goes hand in hand with the “i don’t care” mentality

if you don’t care and if time is running out – then you will move faster to judgment on human relationships – and a list of ex-friends will develop

accept this side effect to “i don’t care” and move on

the perceived nicest person in the world has a list – believe it


i don’t care – part 2

what does it mean to say “i don’t care”? it means actually not caring 100% about what other people are doing or saying or thinking. when you reach this state of not caring, then your mind is completely free. we talk about freedom and being free in the literal sense all of the time. democracies and societies are formed around the idea of physical freedom. we live for it and we die for it. without physical freedom, we can’t really move to the reality of mental freedom – which is saying “i don’t care”.

of course we care for our families and our close friends – that is natural and it doesn’t affect our mental state. i’m talking about caring for everyone else – for the people that don’t care about you -for the people that don’t give you a second thought – for the people that don’t care enough to ask you any questions about your life. these are the people that i am talking about – these are the people that we need to not care about. we need to not care about what they are doing – we need to not care about what they are thinking. this even goes for people that were more important in your life in the past but now seem not to care about you – let them go – let them all go.

but how do we not care -how do we reach a state of mind of not caring for the uncaring people. this is one of the great accomplishments in life – to reach 100% mental freedom. this doesn’t happen over night – this takes practice – this takes time – to reach this ultimate state of mind. a state of mind that gives your life back to you – that gives you a feeling of freedom and power.

the first step is recognizing this truth to a more powerful and free life. many don’t see it – but if you do see this path, then you must take it.


i don’t care – part 1

we must all reach this stage in life – where we say and believe “i don’t care” – but it is very hard to reach 100%. when we are young, we care about everything and everyone. we want everyone to like us. we want to go to every event – we want to be a part of everything. FOMO drives us crazy. we think that everyone is thinking about us – that they care about us – that they care about what we are doing. so we care about them – we think about them – we want to be with them or be like them. we think that we are special and that is why people should think and care about us.

this is especially true for people born in the last half of the 1900’s. society turned more towards the “me” movement – with the baby boomers opening up their minds – believing they were special and then pitching this concept to their kids – with future generations cementing this idea into the fabric of western society through the family interaction. now we have a fully immersed society that only thinks about me,me,me – and this is further enhanced with the internet and social media. so instead of evolving away from the “me” society and the “i don’t care” attitude – where we can free our minds to live our lives without extra mental stress – we instead see a society that has more mental illness and depression. these issues are a direct result of the “me” movement filled with self indulgence, self importance, and arrogance. this is why we see more lashing out by teens, more violence, more people taking medication, etc.

what do we do? how do we break this cycle? society, as a whole, cannot break the cycle, because the roots are not at the society level but more at the individual level – where it started. as individuals, we don’t rely on society change to live our own lives – we rely on our own experiences and thoughts to live our individual lives. so we must make change at the individual level.

the first step is saying “i don’t care”

saying “i don’t care” –
-frees your mind
-helps you live your own life
-gives you self power
-removes mental anguish
-provides more focus
-allows you to live in the moment
-allows you to focus on the real people in your life
-gives you a reason not to care about everyone and everything