keep your grip

as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to keep your grip.  the challenges of life come at you hard in the 40’s, 50’s – you get pulled from all sides – the folks start dying – the kids start complaining and becoming more expensive – the marriage you need to keep focusing on – to maintain balance.  you must steady yourself – you must look at yourself from the outside – you must try and remain calm.  you must keep your grip – no matter what is thrown your way.  you start to feel the pressure of life – you start to buckle a bit – you lose your train of thought – you have to work to be happy – it does not come as easily as it used to.  everything is put in your way to make you stumble.  but you must keep your focus – you must work on the smaller picture and not worry about the bigger picture so much – keep things going – keep moving forward – don’t stop or stall – you keep things on track the best you can and you will get through – you will keep your grip – you will get to the other side.  step by step – keep your grip.