show love and support

you need to show love and support to the ones you love.  you need to do this often.  you need to take advantage of the moment and show love.  this is the only time you will be able to show this love and support for this particular need at this particular moment.  if you miss the moment, then you need to tell that person that you are sorry you missed the moment to support them – and then show that love and support at that moment of reconciliation.  so often, a person is looking for that love and support and so often, we do not give it.  this leads to a lifetime of missed moments and only creates more space between the 2 people — which is not a good thing when you want the relationship to last a lifetime.  if you can recognize at the moment that love and support is needed, you are ahead of the process.  but, this is a hard process to conquer.  the better move is to get in the habit of showing love and support on a regular basis.  this will help you cover those critical moments when love and support is needed the most.  don’t get down on yourself for missing that moment today – go back and correct it at the first possible next moment together.  then get in the habit of doing this regularly –  and you will not miss this moment again and your love for each other will grow – rather than wither away by not being conscious of these things.  these moments are very important to your own stability and the stability of others.