the struggle

guess what? when you  are in the early struggles of life, when you have just been married, when the bills are piling up, when the mortgage is twice as high as any rent you ever paid in your single days, guess what —these are the best days of your life.  you and your partner are in the greatest struggle of your lives, trying to make ends meet, trying to start a family, trying to get a footing in your career.  this is the greatest balancing act of your young life and you are making it, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you are making it.  this is the struggle. some people never get beyond this phase in life, they still indulge in their fancies, they still go on fancy trips, they still pile up the debt, they live beyond their means, they have fun, but they always struggle, unless they get lucky. do not underestimate the challenge of this life struggle. do not attempt to be unhappy during this struggle.  you must embrace this time and relish every minute you are in the grocery store trying to stay within the budget by settling with eating chili for five days and having salad for lunch.  this is part of the struggle.  you must enjoy balancing the household budget every month.  guess what, you made it through another month and you got to have a few beers and a few laughs in between on the cape or skiing in vermont.  you know how it works.  you have been paid on friday, you pay your bills on saturday, you now have 40 bucks to spend on extras for the next 2 weeks.  but with the team working together, you always make it to the next paycheck…..more to come in next post –but keep up the struggle –it is the best time fo your life –don’t forget that –these are the good old days