walking the dog

look, i love dogs for the most part and they can be great for companionship, etc –but enough is enough on taking these dogs out for 2 or 3 walks a day. i see a guy walking the dog in the morning and walking the dog at lunch and walking the dog in the evening –the kids are all grown up and all that is left is this bloody dog –empty nest syndrome no doubt –i get it –keeping company with the dog–helping to move away from loss of kids –it is a sad end to our once busy lives with laughs, kids, parties, trips –now all we have left is the dog! Look, i know that when it is time for my dog walking days I will probably be thrilled to death (literally) –time to walk the dog –hurrah!! for now it looks like a sad way to end one’s life–but in time i am sure that i will embrace it–life is a bitch, ain’t it?