final loop

coworkers come and go – it is a fact of life and a natural flow of life.  in your career, you meet good people, bad people, people you become friends with, people you don’t become friends with – this is all part of work life.  in the cycle, there is always a time when a coworker moves on or when you move on – this is what i call the final loop with a coworker.  you have shared good times, but now those times are over.  you have your final conversation, your final lunch, your final project together, your final walk, your final loop.  you might feel sad or empty when that person leaves or when you leave.  you might look around the office and feel lonely – like there is no one left to talk to, no one left to relate with.  but this is a part of life – saying good-bye to people you might never see again.  you must move on and re-focus and dig deeper into your work.  more folks will come along or you will also move along.  take a minute to reflect about the co-worker or about your experience at the job – and move on.  like anything, don’t live in the past.  do your final loop and look to the future again.  this is what you must do.