do you feel it

walk outside and look into the sky – look at where you are at that place at that time – do you feel it?  do you feel like you belong right there in that spot, in that city, in that town, in that state, in that country, in that place?  do you feel like this is where you should be and where you feel the most comfortable – not the job, but the place where you live.  does it feel like the place where you will take permanent root – where you grow old, where you are happy inside.  you have been to many places, you have met many people, you have experienced joy and pain – love and hardship – stress and relief – you have lived here and there – but now you look into that sky and you say “yes” this is where i belong.  you feel the heat or cold on your body and it reminds you of where you came from and what you are deep in your soul.  you know that this is where you belong, that wandering around looking for something is not the answer because you have found where you belong.  time is short and we can’t take it with us – so just soak it in and feel where you belong – your senses and your memories will work together to guide you to choose the right piece of the puzzle for this part of life.