what i have discovered in life is that reconnections happen all the time and are a big part of friendships.  when you are in your teens and 20s, you make friends so easily –none of life’s complications interfere with your daily mindset.  you basicially don’t worry as much about paying bills, etc. –you just have fun.  this makes you an open person –meeting people and making friends all the time.  you don’t ponder on every word that a person says –you are less paranoid or skeptical.  these friendships happen during your most impressionable years and are very strong and long-lasting –you go through life discovering events with each other and this seals the friendship bond for life in many cases.  but as we all know –life goes on and you often lose touch with these friends –you basically grow up, get married, move, etc.  –you still have a strong bond with these friends, but you lose touch and lose contact.  then one day, you see this friend again and all the old vibes come back and you have an easy connection with them.  you know it is still there because there is no awkwardness or getting-to-know period –you just go back to where you left off 10, 20, 30 years ago.  this is the reconnection happening.  the bond is re-established.  you now stay in touch and start to do things together again.  you see this as meant to be and as destiny.  this new/old friendship helps round out current friendships and helps fulfill your friendship needs for life.  when a reconnection happens, make the most of it –this is what you are supposed to do in life……..reconnect.