daily focus

what you see every day in front of you is life.  the big picture is good for dreams and keeping on track – but what you look at every day in the morning, at home, in the car, at work, in the evening – these are the things that make up your life.  and if you just focus on what is in front of you – which are the smallest details of life in this world – then you can ultimately make change and feel fulfilled.  the big picture and the big change and the big accomplishments in your life all tie into the things you consistently focus on in everyday life.  so if you keep that daily focus on even the smallest things – you will feel fulfilled overall.  too many people keep focusing on the big picture and spend most of their time dreaming of what can be and what will be.  this can satisfy you for a few brief moments, but this focus cannot get you to the fulfillment of your dreams.  you must embrace the daily focus and know that when you do embrace the daily focus, the big picture will evolve behind the scenes – like a puzzle – when you look at a puzzle up close, you cannot see what the end result will be – but you do know that each piece you put into the puzzle will get you one step closer to completing that puzzle.  so embrace each piece of the puzzle and enjoy each piece of the puzzle – for that is life itself that you are embracing.