maintain a macro level view

we must maintain a macro level view most of the time to keep things in order in our lives and to keep sane.

many times, we take the micro level view on things – we look at things very closely and we look at them over and over and over – and we over analyze all the time. these are all micro level views – which we do need to make decisions and to help move us forward in life.

micro and macro views on life work together to create a fulfilled and satisfying life. but many times we stay in the micro view too long on certain things -which can last days, weeks, months or years. this is not healthy and can lead us down rabbit holes that are hard to come back from – to the macro level again.

always start at the macro level with all things that you are thinking about. then go to the micro level to create your analysis and decision. but once that decision is made – quickly move back to the macro level and maintain the macro level view as your normal every day view.

if you get stuck in the micro level view – then force yourself out of that view

always go back to the macro level for sanity and clarity in life – it’s the only way to get down the road the right way