we all give to people we know.  we give gifts, we give love, we give hugs, we give time, we give work, we give effort.  we do give.  it is a natural part of life.  but we rarely give time or money to others that are not our friends or family.  we rarely donate time or money to charities.  we all need to give to charities.  we need to look at local charities first.  we need to help those close to home. we need to help veterans, we need to help the homeless, we need to help the sick, we need to help the less fortunate.  we need to pick a charity every month and we need to donate time or money to that charity.  once you start to give in this way, you will realize how wonderful it is to give.  don’t expect anything in return.  but if you do get a thank you, it will be a powerful thank you.  give only to give.  it is very rewarding.  do it and you will see.