building walls

when we start off young in high school, college and soon after –we have no walls.  we have a mind of freedom.  we don’t see rules and boundaries.  we only see what is right in front of us and we go for it.  we don’t think it through.  we don’t wonder if this is the right thing to do.  we just do it.  that is the beauty of youth –no walls are up.  you meet friends quickly and you just go with it.  if a friend drops off –oh well –you are moving too fast to notice most of the time.  and the ones that stick with you, they become your lifelong friends.  it is a simple, easy process –that we don’t even have to think about –it just happens. you do have to work at it here and there-but a little loyalty goes a long way. 20 years later, you look at the friends you have and see who your best friends are –there are no questions.  you can go months without seeing them and when you do –no biggie –falls right back to the place of youth.   now–when you move to new places away from your old friends, you have to make new friends.  this can be a bit harder than the old days because now you have built up some walls of protection around you — and you do question things more often and you do follow rules a bit more.  this can make it even longer to become better friends with someone.  you analyze shit more –never a good thing to do –but the walls in your mind push you to question and analyze every move.  it is like riding a bike–you know how to make friends–but now you look to see what is around the corner –and this makes you pause, rather than a natural flow to the process.  so –what do you do?  you take it easy and do not stress over these trivial things.  even though walls are there and things take longer –the natural flow will still occur.  stop thinking and keep living.