you must say you are sorry to loved ones very quickly.  do not wait to say you are sorry if you did something wrong.  it will only cause more damage to the situation and could possibly do long term damage to the relationship.  your gut is pushing you to say you are sorry – that is why saying sorry even came into your mind.  you know that you did something wrong – you were mean – you said mean things – you put someone down – you opened your mouth when you should have kept it closed.  you walked out the door and you knew immediately that you were wrong – your gut started to bombard you with thoughts of guilt – you were wrong and you need to say you are sorry immediately – send a note, make a call – just do it.  why wait around for it to fade away.  help you and the situation and say you are sorry.  you have done this so many times – you have made many mistakes.  you need to say you are sorry to your loved one and you need to try and learn not to do this again.  don’t push those buttons every time – let it go – don’t go there – don’t be mean.  now say you are sorry and learn from this.