work dance

i know sometimes you want to just get up from your desk at work and walk right out – and never come back – and yell at the boss before you leave.  this thought has crossed the mind of every person in the world at some point in their lives.  it is human nature to get mad at someone and then want to immediately tell that person to “piss off”.  however we can’t do this and we all know why.  because it begins a domino effect in your life that could lead your life down a negative path.  you have to bite your tongue when these times arrive at your workplace – you have to keep your cool – you have to carry on with your emotions in check.  you have to do this to survive.  but the boss has to do this too.  the boss has to keep his/her cool to keep the employees happy.  they too are under the same pressure to not lose their cool – to not yell at the employee.  the boss has a lot to lose as well – that could also become a domino effect causing their business to go down or fail.  so you see it is a delicate dance between employee and boss.  each side needs to think about what the other side has to bear as well – to keep things going.  it is a double edge sword, so think about that next time you are ready to do something rash – there is pressure on both sides to keep the peace