getting through monday

look – we are all human.  so we feel and think the same in many ways – whether in bangkok or toledo.  and one of things that we all dislike to a certain extent is monday or the first day of the work week in your country.  and if it is not monday for you – it is at least one day of the week.  it is that day of the week where you feel blah and you just want to get through it – no matter how busy or bored you are during that day.  you doubt yourself on that day more than any other day – and when you wake up the next day – you feel completely different – like you are ready for anything – you are confident and ready to go.  but on that “bad” day – you might have negative thoughts or thoughts of hopelessness – and you want to avoid everyone until you are in a better mood the next day.  how do you get through it.  first -acknowledge that this is not your best day.  2nd – don’t make any big decisions on this day.  3rd – avoid conflict.  4th – think of what you will accomplish the next day.  5th – think about the end of the day and the things you will do as you wind down this day – getting closer to the next day so starting to feel better.  ultimately you will have to go through these days over and over in life so you need a plan to get through them without any major problems.  and you can’t avoid this day by not going to work, etc. – because the next day will then be the monday.  you must start the monday like a normal monday – but you can then change it later in the day to make it better.  so start the day as usual to check the box and feel the monday emotions and then start to shift out of the blues as the day progresses – following the 5 steps.  some things are inevitable in life and we have to endure – so recognize it, endure it and move on.