time for failure

we hear about failure all the time.  we hear that you will fail at some point in your life.  we hear that failure is good for you.  we hear that you need to fail to get ahead – reach your goals – to ultimately succeed.  what a bunch of BS.  why do we want to fail.  why do we have to fail.  why do we embrace failure.  because we don’t have a choice.  failure is human nature.  we must fail.  we will fail.  if we know we are going to fail at some time, what do we do?  do we look for failure?  do we search for failure?  no.  what we do is recognize that there is a time for failure and we simply keep an eye out for it.  one day you will wake up and you will know that failure is near.  if this is true, then you need to prepare for failure.  you need to accept failure.  you need to embrace failure.  you need to complete the failure.  you need to finish the failure and move on.  you can’t let failure linger.  you must move quickly.  you must fail quickly.  you must recognize failure and you must act on that failure.  it is time for you to fail.  so go ahead and fail.  don’t delay failure.  be brave and fail so that you can move on and succeed.