focus on your value

don’t focus on trying to do all the jobs.  focus on the value you bring to the process.  don’t get jealous of others coming in and taking over other areas of the value chain.  be happy that they are contributing to the overall goal – their presence should not affect you – keep calm, keep your cool.  don’t let it defeat you, don’t let it get to you – this is a big test in your life – do not quit – keep pushing and learn from this new challenge.  do your job and leave the emotion out.  remember, this is a marathon – don’t make rash decisions – don’t panic.  you must control your emotions.  you must keep working.  keep your head down and let the actions speak for you.  it is not always going to be how you want it – there will always be things you have to do that you don’t want to do.  just do them and do them at the highest level.  you will be judged by the work you do in your area – and the ultimate end result of that work.  the longer you work at it and don’t quit – the better chance you have to reach the goal – but it won’t be easy.  this could be the time that you finally have to do things you don’t want to do and work with people you don’t want to work with – this is the ultimate challenge.  can you do this day after day without giving up.  this is the ultimate question.  if you get through this, then you will know what work is and what success is.  you must keep focused on the value you bring.  you would not be there if you did not have value.  fake it until you make it also means faking how you feel – not just faking what you know.  if you can fake how you feel, then you can truly reach greater heights.  you must not give up now – this is the challenge you have been waiting for.  you must meet it and accept what it brings,  you can do this.  if you cannot do this, then you will lose control of your destiny.