lesson learned

every experience brings a lesson.  that lesson can slowly creep into your mind or it might come in a flash.  the key is to know the lesson learned.  when you wake up one day and say i know the lesson i am suppose to learn from this experience – then all is good.  you then know why you were put in this job or put in this situation – to learn this lesson.  and once you have learned that lesson, your time has been well spent – even if the experience did not end in success.  this experience was never going to end in the traditional definition of success.  but in reality, you did succeed because a lesson was placed there for you to discover and learn from – and if you did discover that lesson and you did learn from that lesson – then you have accomplished your mission for the experience, event, job, etc.  you can then take what you learned from that lesson and apply it to real life – to ultimately make you a better person – to make you understand yourself even more – to understand how to survive and thrive in this world – to help you interact with others in a better way.  if you fail at something, then you were meant to fail – and the main goal was not failure or success – but did you learn the key lesson.  don’t leave the failure behind until you have learned the key lesson and are ready to apply what you learned.  only then will you realize that every experience has a meaning – and that understanding that meaning is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.