the past

why do we always think about the past.  why do we always think about the people we used to know.  why do we question our actions of the past.  why can’t we still be friends with people in our past.  these are questions that go through everyone’s mind at one time or another.  we think about what we did in the past.  we think about the people we knew very well in the past.  but those people are not there anymore.  we think about the people we hurt in the past.  we think about the people we helped in the past.  we wonder why we can’t be there with them anymore.  but we know why.  it is because that is the way life goes.  it doesn’t stop.  when you are in that moment with that person in the past – which was the present – you don’t think about where you will be in the future or who you will be with in the future or what you will be doing in the future.  you only think about the present in a very quick mindset – everything just goes and you just live – and you move on from people, places and things.  but when you get older, you think about the past more and you have settled into a life that does not change much anymore – so you can see the future with clearer eyes – and you know what might happen in the future – as you get closer to the end of life – you know more and you know what to expect.  but that past is always there, waiting for you to look at it and question it and wonder why or what could have been – but you are glad that you moved on because your present gut told you to – and your gut today still guides you so you can’t wish for the past because you told yourself to move forward – but you can still think about the past.