life & survival

in nature, everything is natural.  what i mean is you don’t have to create an environment that doesn’t test your survival – it already exists, because it is nature – and that is what nature does – it makes you survive.  that is also true in the developed world – the world that has developed outside of nature -the cities, the civilizations, the places where humans live without living in the natural world.  they say it is a dog eat dog world – and that is true.  every day we must wake up and go out into this developed world – and we must survive just like the animals do in the natural world.  we must face challenges and we must get through those challenges alive – just like animals do in nature – animals must always be on the lookout for trouble, for challenges that will test their very survival.  we must also do this in the human world.  and this is a good thing – to be tested and challenged every day – to keep us fighting to survive and thrive.  this is what keeps us alive physically, mentally and spiritually.  the world we have created must continue to challenge us so that we stay alive – in every way.  that is why i have always said that we need the struggle of life, that we need the challenge of life.  even though we curse life sometimes and the troubles we face – it is actually the essence of life – the essence that keeps us going.  for most of us – we don’t have to worry about this essence ever going away – we will continue to be challenged – especially in the financial area.  but if we do reach complete financial freedom – we must then make ourselves be challenged – we must find another struggle to fight – otherwise life will fade away and you will no longer be “alive”.  the animals in the natural world don’t have to worry about this – their survival is at the base level – live or die.  because our world is more complicated, we have to make sure we are challenged to stay “alive”.