family memories

all we have is family memories in the early part of our lives.  this is a comfortable time – just you and the family living life together – creating memories together.  but like anything – time goes on and change from this tranquil state happens.  you start to experience life with others outside of your family.  this is a new time period in your life — and one that your family and you have to accept.  it will be hard at first – mostly for your family.  they will have to get used to the idea that you are creating memories without them – your original family.  this is life – and is only the first step you will make – moving slowing away from your family nest to become independent — where one day most of your experiences are not with your original family.  one can only accept this change, knowing that it is part of the natural process – even though it may hurt.  if you are part of the original family – you need to cherish and enjoy the moments when you have them.