travel to appreciate more

what do you spend your money on?  material objects or life experiences?  spending your money on life experiences, including traveling, teaches and educates you.  when you travel, you do see new things, but what you really see is more of yourself.  you have fun traveling and you enjoy all the new experiences.  this is good.  but what really is good is when you step back in your door at home.  it is at that moment that you realize how lucky you are to have the life that you have.  you see how others live on your travels and then when you come home, you see again how you live.  you then appreciate your life more and reaffirm that you are living the life you should be living –that it is a good life.  if you never travel, then you will not be able to appreciate the life you have –you will keep wondering about the green grass on the other side.  travel allows you to see the green grass and then come back to even greener grass –your own.  you must see the contrast to appreciate what you have.  therefore, you must travel to learn, to be educated about yourself and your life.  get it?