why chill when you are older?

when i see older people doing very chill activities, like golfing or walking in the middle of the day, i first think why have they stopped pursuing new goals, why are they content not driving themselves to reach higher heights anymore? i don’t get it because i can’t possibly fathom stopping the pursuit of success at every turn.  how can one stop everything and stare at the sea for hours.  how can one wake up early, eat dinner early and go to bed early?  how can one not talk all the time and not drive fast to get to their destination sooner?  how can one not be on the phone all the time and stop going at a frantic pace from one event to the next?  but then 1 day, when i am frantic in my mid 40s, it all comes to me.  they don’t do all this stuff anymore because they don’t have to.  life has slowed down, kids have grown up, keeping up with the jones’ doesn’t matter anymore, caring what others think doesn’t matter anymore.  they have been there, done that.  no need to stress over these trivial things, no need to rush anymore.  the only care is living the last years the best that you can.  you rushed around like a chicken with your head cut off for 20, 30 years –you are tired, you are done with that, you can now stare at the sea and not feel like you are missing anything, because you are not missing anything.  you didn’t want to miss any party at 20, you didn’t want to miss any event at 40, and you didn’t care what you missed at 60.  I get it.