when you know, you will know

life can be easy if you live by your gut and instinct.  you don’t have to worry as much, knowing that your gut will guide you. the answers to your questions are always there, waiting to be heard and acted upon.  but in order to use the gut correctly, you need to be patient.  and with patience, you need to understand that life follows a long path –that life is truly a marathon.  this is hard to grasp when you are living in the day to day –it is hard to see the big picture –that every choice you make is all part of a grand plan.  all that we need to do is prepare for each step of the process and then act upon what the gut says at the moment the gut says to act.  if you follow this method – prepare, patience, plan, timing –you will reach your goals and you will know when to act.  if you do not follow this method and ignore the gut, then you will never reach the goals you have always dreamed you would reach.  following this process is also following your destiny.  there is a destiny laid for everyone when they are born, but you have to believe you have a destiny and you have to follow this path of destiny by following the destiny method.  by doing so, when you know, you will know.