markers are spots throughout your life that you can look back on to remember the good times.  these would be events or trips that you plan specifically to have fun and enjoy life.  the markers are the times when you step away from the every day normal routine and do something that brings a thrill to your soul –putting goosebumps on your skin.  these are times that you will never forget –times that you anticipate with baited breath –times that make you say “wow’!  you know what i mean –it is that girl’s trip or guy’s trip that you make where all daily worries fade away for a few days –where you rip it up and toss caution into the wind –when you stop and smell the roses every minute.  you need these markers in life or you really won’t be living a life.  markers get you through the daily BS –they get you to the next year, the next week, the next day.  make room for marker events in your life otherwise you will live a dull life and die a slow, boring death.  you need markers throughout life and you definitely need them at the end so that you can look back and say “yes”.  get busy planning and living.