smelling the roses

what is this all about?  we all want to stop and smell the roses –but what does it really mean?  we take time to pause while we are doing something fun –to register that moment in our minds –to try to soak it in and say –“this is what life is all about” —- yes–we can do this and we have done this –for the very point of saying to ourselves that we are stopping and smelling the roses –we want to grab that moment in time and hold onto it for as long as possible.  like when we grab our little girl’s hand and we hold it tight –so that we can remember what it feels like to hold that little precious hand –because we know or some come to realize that every moment is fleeting –that we can stop and take in the moment, but it has to pass –it is inevitable that it will pass –that we can’t hold onto it forever.  time goes on, people grow older –and all we have is that moment where we tried to stop and smell the roses –and the only reason we remember that moment is because we told ourselves that this was the moment where you stopped to remember.  if we don’t stop –we go through life with the same moments –but we didn’t soak in the moment as long as we should have –but the moments are all gone soon and all we have left is a memory and the future.  we can stop and smell, but we cannot take anything tangible with us.  it is a strange dichotomy –like life and death.  what is the point?