foot in mouth

you do it. i do it. we all do it.  we insert the foot in the mouth quite often.  i did it this weekend again!  i said a rude comment in discussion with a good friend –not at them, but just probably not the right choice of words.  i felt bad.  then again, i am not sure that i offended the person –because nothing was said back to me.  it was just my mind saying –whoa –shouldn’t have said that word.  we can all be rude or crude once in awhile –it happens.  apologize if we need to –and move on.  it is what it is.  it’s done.  nothing you can do about it now. if you lose a friend, then probably not a true friend to begin with.  you are who you are —but –you can think a bit more before inserting foot next time.  this is the hardest thing to learn –don’t talk just to talk.  keep your mouth closed –think –then talk.  it is hard. it is almost impossible.  you get on a conversation roll –then Boom! –you say something stupid.  foot in mouth. you offended someone again!  i am moving on from my comment this weekend.  if they don’t like me –i’m sorry.  it is what it is and i am who i am.  take it or leave it.