be nicer

you know–i need to be nicer and i need to stop yelling at my kids all the time –well i don’t do it all the time–but in times of rushing around–i tend to bark at the kids –“sit down” – “eat your breakfast” –“stop fighting”.  the trigger gets pulled all the time and i react the same way and now you can see that they are used to it –they are becoming immune to it on the outside–but it is probably doing damage on the inside.  but we are a very vocal family –loud and yelling a bit here and there –we all do it a bit.  so we need to chill out a bit –and i need to stop yelling so much on everyday frustrations that are really no big deal –i need to be nicer and i need to stop crying over spilt milk –because if i don’t –then the kids could be a bit mean and pushy when they get older –and i don’t want that.