it is frustrating when people in the family do not get along.  but this obviously happens in every family and has happened forever –it is, inevitably, human nature to have conflict and conflicting feelings about one another –especially with the in-law thing.  it is cliché and because it is cliché, it is expected.  but even though it is expected, it is still very frustrating and oftentimes catches one off-guard –it was not expected.  what was expected was that everyone would get along and live happily ever after.  of course, not to be –but not realized until it comes out on to the table and is seen by all.  but you adapt and move on –you must change your feelings a bit –you must still look to the good times of the past, but also to the changing times of the future –nothing is ever the same–and it is frustrating.  the people you thought you knew all of your life suddenly reveal who they really are –as an individual –apart from the family –this is who they actually are –not the perfect image that has lived so long in the mind.  but hopefully you can remake that image –but it is difficult because there are new players on the scene –which makes everything more complex.  as we progress in life, like a play, the interaction becomes more complex due to new characters arriving and changing things –and this can cause original players to be put off –and not able to adapt –thus conflict ensues and causes frustration.