hanging out with yourself

this just came to me! (actually yesterday) — we all like to hang out with the person we know best –right?  and that person is someone just like you, right?  they have the same interests, they like the same food and drink, they like the same sports teams, they wear the same type of clothes, they have the same manners and mannerisms, right?  but who is this person?  the answer is simple!  these folks are your kids!  think about it — you inadvertently create a little you just by showing them everything they need to know to get on in the world –like this food is great, but that food is no good, so we won’t ever cook it in the house –so most likely the kids will never eat it as well.  you then root for your college team and want your kids to go to your college as well –and all they know from the start is rah rah go state!  then you have great manners and push that on the kids as well –so everyone has the same manners.  this goes on and on –so eventually you are older and you hang out with your kids all the time because you are just alike, because you created it that way –it’s natural and if you think about it — it is awesome that you can create friends that will stick with you for life –and they are just like you!