baker street

gerry rafferty died yesterday so i listen to this song again and it tells the story of life.  you have dreams when you are young –put in your mind by tv, rockwell, parents, etc –you see the image and you want that life–you think it will come easy, you think you will make the big bucks easy and early –and this propels you forward –which is a good thing –but not a real thing.  so you go to the city –the bright lights, the big dreams –and you have fun and you make some money –and you might get lucky here and there because you are working hard and it’s all about timing, good luck and hard work –some get the spark, some don’t.  but it is never the dream you had because it does not come easy –and it takes much longer to get to that point where you think you have made it, but it is not the highest point yet –the point in your dreams –but then you realize that this is not the right dream –as you get married and have kids, you work harder, but it is ok not to reach that material high point –it becomes more about family and making sure they are happy and healthy –and the dream is about taking care of them –yes, in a material way–but more so in a growing, caring way –if they are ok, you are ok.  great song–it tells it like it is –you just have to realize that dreams can be adjusted as time goes on.