we never change

i know these realizations come to all who grow older and allow themselves to acknowledge them –but it is fun to actually go through the process of coming upon these realizations after events trigger the “aha” moment.  in this case, i suddenly realized that from the beginning of life, we have a set way of acting and going about life –and that this way of acting in society always remains essentially the same until the end.  one example is the groups we move in throughout life–we always seem to move in the same types of groups time after time.  in the early days, if you moved from school to school, you would find yourself being part of the same type of group from one school to the next–it just seems to happen that way.  this also seems to happen as you get older and move from community to community –you again seem to gravitate to the same type of people as you have always been associated with.  not sure if that is a good thing or not–always being among the same types of folks through your life.  sure–you mingle with different types that are not part of your defined core demographic –but in the end, you look next to you and essentially see yourself looking back.  which i suppose is normal –you want to hang out with like-minded folks.  but–are you and your group a good group to be with?  that question is irrelevant because we seem to remain the same and never really change.  agree?