i don’t care

can you say those words to yourself about what other people think about you?  probably not, right?  why do we give a damn so much about what others think about us?  why do we have to feel accepted in a group or in society as a whole?  why do we have to present a BS image to the world because we care about what others think about us?  we all must make the “not-caring” transition to evolve in our lives because at the end of the road, at the end of the line, at the end of your life –what will really matter?  yes, it will matter how you are perceived after death –“was he a good person”  yes, no, maybe –but this answer can be anything depending on who is being asked –and then do you really care what so and so thought about you –i mean you are dead!  you should really only care about what your family thinks about you, right?  or am i not right in this thinking?  for those who do not even think these things –you are the lucky ones–you have evolved, you have less insecurities –you don’t care!  congrats, you made it!  but for the rest of us –we are insecure, we do give a shit for some reason or another –we yearn to live more peacefully in our own minds –we want to break from the endless and ongoing chains of peer pressure –cemented so many years ago by our first insecurities.  how do we help our children from falling into this trap, from creating the first link on a relentless chain.  first remedy for us –just say you don’t care when a thought comes up.  first remedy for our kids –tell them not to care so much about what others think–to only care what your family thinks about you.  this connection between the individual psyche and society as a whole is at the foundation of civilization –we can’t help it –we can only look away from it as much as humanly possible.  so look away and say “i don’t care”