i don’t care – part 2

what does it mean to say “i don’t care”? it means actually not caring 100% about what other people are doing or saying or thinking. when you reach this state of not caring, then your mind is completely free. we talk about freedom and being free in the literal sense all of the time. democracies and societies are formed around the idea of physical freedom. we live for it and we die for it. without physical freedom, we can’t really move to the reality of mental freedom – which is saying “i don’t care”.

of course we care for our families and our close friends – that is natural and it doesn’t affect our mental state. i’m talking about caring for everyone else – for the people that don’t care about you -for the people that don’t give you a second thought – for the people that don’t care enough to ask you any questions about your life. these are the people that i am talking about – these are the people that we need to not care about. we need to not care about what they are doing – we need to not care about what they are thinking. this even goes for people that were more important in your life in the past but now seem not to care about you – let them go – let them all go.

but how do we not care -how do we reach a state of mind of not caring for the uncaring people. this is one of the great accomplishments in life – to reach 100% mental freedom. this doesn’t happen over night – this takes practice – this takes time – to reach this ultimate state of mind. a state of mind that gives your life back to you – that gives you a feeling of freedom and power.

the first step is recognizing this truth to a more powerful and free life. many don’t see it – but if you do see this path, then you must take it.


Be patient – don’t push

Being patient and actively waiting is one of the hardest things to do. You want to confront things, you want to ask more questions, you want to insert yourself into situations to get a response from people.

Don’t push yourself into things – but wait patiently.

It is hard – but it helps you in the long run.

If people don’t ask you to be a part of something – do not insert yourself – let it go.

To be quiet sometimes, to be in the background, to not be involved in everything is a good thing. This will only come if you resist the knee-jerk reaction to jump into things.

Don’t make everything about you.


Realizations in your 50s

the 50s are very interesting. yeah, you are getting old and yeah, the body starts to break a bit. but, the realizations about life that come to your mind are awesome!

here they are –

  1. realize that you will die soon (in the next 10-30 years)
  2. realize that because you will die soon, you need to stop giving a shit about stupid things
  3. definitely stop caring about what others think
  4. definitely start cutting out people from your life that don’t care about you
  5. definitely remove all arrogant people from your life immediately
  6. definitely avoid all arrogant people
  7. focus more on family
  8. focus more on your real friends
  9. see that most people are acquaintances only
  10. don’t try to go back in time to deliberately revive old friendships
  11. realize that all friendships have a time and a place in your life
  12. not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime
  13. realize that routine is good for you and helps keep you alive
  14. live in the moment – look at nature and understand this concept
  15. go and do things now
  16. tell your loved ones that you love them
  17. understand that people, including friends, might not want to be around you anymore – that’s ok – keep moving forward
  18. listen closely to your gut – and follow it
  19. look at each day as a blessing and a victory
  20. not every day is going to be exciting – that is ok

friends change and don’t change

we all change over time. we are the same person but we do change. friends change too. you have friends that you think will last forever but some don’t. in fact, most don’t go all the way. every day we all go through different experiences and we react to those experiences in different ways. we can’t always be the same person anymore – these experiences change us. they move us towards new people and away from longtime friends and even relatives. the effects of society on the individual is ongoing and everchanging. we try to maintain who we are or who we once were – but is a continuous conscious process to try and do that – and inevitably we form new ideas and opinions based on these new experiences that shape our mindset. what didn’t offend you 20 years ago now seems like an obvious problem or mistake. we are quicker to judge because we feel that time is running out.

we can’t dwell on things that don’t work anymore – like old friendships or past friendships. we have to keep moving forward for the sake of self preservation because that is all we have in the end – keeping the self preserved as long as possible or as long as we want. some friends fade away or an abrupt end occurs because of these changes going on. what can we do? try and keep the friendship going? yes, we can try. but in the end, the friend or relative is also going through change and they will decide to focus on moving forward as well.

we also have friends that keep in sync with you and the relationship never changes – these are the friends that you keep until the end.

you can’t think too deeply on why some friends stay and some friends go. the ones that stay with you know who you are and love who you are – and you know who they are and love who they are – conflict never arises once you reach a certain age – you just go together.

but others don’t change with you – they get jealous of you – they want to keep testing you to get a reaction or want to keep inserting challenges into the relationship to try and affect you in a negative way. for these situations, you must smile and move on.

self preservation is priority number one – we can’t dwell too long on things that aren’t working

it can be sad but what other choice do we have – we must move forward not backward



i took a break from writing my thoughts – i had said all that i could say before 50 years old – i was starting to repeat my thoughts – it was time for a break – i thought the break was permanent – my mind keeps going with new thoughts – and now i need to put those thoughts down on paper again – to help me and to help you