you are a jackass to some people and i am a jackass to some people – and some people are jackasses to me and some people are jackasses to you. the point is that we are all jackasses to some people and some people are jackasses to us. so one goal in life is to spot the jackasses and stay away from them. this will also happen to you as well – some people will think that you are a jackass and will stay away from you. this natural process is inevitable in life – but you need to be aware that this process exists and then you can act on it more frequently when you spot a jackass. people usually don’t start off as a jackass in your eyes and many times they might be social friends – not real friends – real friends are rarely jackasses. it is the social friend that you meet through friends, in the neighborhood, through your kids – these people might be a jackass in the end. you might see it quickly with how they act towards you or it might take a longer time – where you are social friends and then one day you see the jackass side. while you are assessing them, they are also assessing you – all in a subconscious way – we don’t think about it all the time – but then the signal goes off – the jackass alert. from there, you must cut them off from interaction – life is too short to keep engaging with people that you think are jackasses. can people come back from the jackass label? – I’m not sure – it is possible but not probable – not enough time in life to backtrack too much.