change and purpose

change occurred today – Trump was sworn in.  there is a feeling now that more obvious changes are coming to America and the world.  i don’t know if that has to do with my age now – and how i can reflect more on life and how i want to know what life is all about.  as we get older, we do start to reflect and we start to ask why are we here – what is our individual purpose here on earth.  is it to help ourselves or is it to help others.  is our purpose not to see how far we can go but how far we can help others go.  everyone’s destiny is predefined – we just need to follow the signals to stay on the predefined path.  this will help eliminate worry and fear.  but we still do not know what we are here for – what we are really here for.  we will only know in the last hours of our lives – we will then know what we did and this will tell us why we were here – individually.  if you as an individual do not achieve “greatness” – then you will help others achieve it.  everyone is linked to some great purpose one way or another.  some are easy to see – like being President of the US.  but for most it is harder to see what great purpose we have achieved.  but it is there and that is why change is there – change is driving all of us to our greater purpose for being on this earth.  you have to know that you are here to achieve a greater purpose.  you have to look deeper and deeper into your life to see the greater purpose that you have achieved.  do not leave this earth thinking that you did not achieve a greater purpose.  you did achieve a greater purpose and if you keep looking, you will see it.  don’t stop reflecting and looking.  change is a way to your greater purpose.