you must give in

after time, after you get older – there are some things you must stop fighting about.  you must give in and stop unnecessary fighting with your spouse.  your old self says keep fighting for your point.  your old self keeps pushing you to talk about the budget and talk about what things cost.  stop doing this.  if you need something, buy it.  there is no need to quote the budget as an excuse.  just give in before the fight and buy it.  you need it, buy it.  stop useless fighting.  just get in your car, drive and buy it.  why fight about what you need.  why go down a path of fighting over something you need to buy – something you need for the house or the family.  it has to happen whether you fight about it or not.  just give in and do it.  believe it or not – this is evolving even though it feels like you are being broken down.  you are not giving up – you are giving in to the inevitable – without all the fuss you used to go through.  you have seen the light and it is a shorter path to happiness and less fighting.  realize there is no use in fighting over certain things – just say it sounds good, give in and move on.  this is another level of understanding yourself that you have reached.  congrats, you found the path forward.  give in and grow up.