nothing beats the quietness of night when the house starts to shut down for the evening – when the lights start to dim – when everyone starts to settle into their beds – when the dog is passed out on the floor.  you walk around the house turning off the lights, putting on the dishwasher – feeling very peaceful about life – no worries at this time – you settle into your covers with your pillows fluffed – and you watch a few shows – and your mind drifts away from all the worries of tomorrow – when everything in your house is peaceful and you just see the glow of the appliances and the clocks in the kitchen.  this is one of the best times of the day – the best times of life – you feel at ease – you feel comfortable in the quietness of the moment.  life is ok for a moment.  this is another one of life’s simple pleasures – these are the little things that matter – the only things that really matter.