friends will come and go

and most of the time there is nothing you can do about it.  once in awhile your mind will drift back to the friends you used to have.  you will wonder what happened with that friendship – why are you not friends anymore.  it is hard to pinpoint what exactly happened.  most dissolve due to inactivity over time – you lost touch as you went down different paths.  we can say this is the natural flow of life – you have certain types of friends in certain times of your life.  sometimes these friendships are not meant to move from one phase to the next.  that is ok – and you accept the fact that you are not close friends anymore – that you might not ever see or talk to that person again.  and the friends that do stand the test of time are the ones you naturally connect with – that think more like you, that want to keep the friendship going, that work to keep it going, that are your loyal friends through thick and thin.  you are lucky to have these type of friends – they are part of your world, they are like family.  but there are always the friends that you used to have that you wonder why you are still not close – is it something that you did or is it something that they did.  you can’t try to pinpoint why – all you can do is accept it and move on.  it is not your fault – it is life.  you may re-connect and if you do, then you know it was meant to be a friendship for the ages,  you can try and reach out but if they do not reach back, then you know.  you cannot force these things – everything happens because it is supposed to happen or not happen.  you must continue on and you must not dwell on it.  do not feel guilty, do not feel like you did something wrong.  this process will always continue – even with the new friends you meet – some will go and some will stay. stop trying to figure it out and stop beating yourself up about it – everything is the way it is supposed to be.